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Men and Breast Cancer

Men don't think of themselves as even having breasts. For men, it's their chest or their "pecs." So it is a surprise to most men to find out they are at risk for breast cancer.

The fact is, men have breast tissue, and they can get breast cancer. We don't know what causes breast cancer in men, but we do know there are things that may put a man at higher risk.

Awareness is key. Don't ignore warning signs! Call your doctor right away if you notice any changes in your chest area, such as a lump or a change in your nipples.

We can't prevent breast cancer, but if you do get breast cancer, it will make a difference if you find it early and get treated right away.


ONLINE RESOURCES - Information on breast cancer in men from an independent, comprehensive website on breast cancer.

John W. Nick Foundation - 866-222-4441 - Foundation with website dedicated to informing the medical community and public about male breast cancer. - Information on male breast cancer from the renowned Mayo Clinic.

Medline Plus (S)- Information on male breast cancer from the National Library of Medicine, other government agencies, and health-related organizations.

National Cancer Institute - Male breast cancer resources from the government's leading cancer research institute.

People Living With Cancer (S)- Oncologist-approved information on male breast cancer from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

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