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Search the resources directory database
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Get Financial Assistance Information F.A.S.T.(TM) from Sense of Security

If you know someone with breast cancer who needs non-medical financial aid, send them or take them to F.A.S.T.(TM) - the Financial Assistance Screening Tool at and answer ten simple questions (no confidential information is requested) to receive personalized information on agencies that offer assistance.

Sense of Security

Uninsured or Underinsured?

"Uninsured means that a person has no insurance. "Underinsured" means the insurance does not pay for some services like mammograms, or the cost of the insurance co-payment or deductible would keep the person from getting a mammogram or other needed care.

Assistance for Managing the Costs of Care

If you must pay for your own treatment, find a patient advocate or patient navigator to work with you if possible.

Talk with social workers, patient navigators and nurses at your clinic to find help. They may be able to direct you to free or low-cost services. Or they may be able to help you negotiate with health care providers to pay for services in a way that you can manage. They may be able to point you to federal or state programs for assistance. They will know about Medicaid and programs that have funds to cover treatment costs.

Talk with health care providers about medical expenses before beginning treatment. Many agencies require you to complete an application for assistance. Call and ask questions such as, "How do I apply? Who handles the applications? What forms of verification are needed (such as paycheck stubs, utility bills, medical bills)? How long does it take to be approved? How long could I receive assistance? When will the assistance begin?"

In this section, using the Search Tool below, you can search for local, regional and national organizations that provide financial assistance or help work through insurance issues.