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What Does That Word Mean?

What is "adjuvant therapy"? What is a "sentinel node biopsy"? In addition to the glossary in this directory, there are other ways to find out what the new words mean that you may be hearing during treatment. You can check the online glossaries at:


If you are just starting on your breast cancer journey, we want you to know you are not alone. This site has resources that can help.
- The Colorado Breast Cancer Task Force

These are some questions you may have:

Who can I talk to who's been through this?

You may want to call a phone support line or join a local support group with other survivors.

How will I pay for treatment?

You may have many questions about the costs of care. See the resources for financial assistance and insurance.

How do I find out where to get the care I need?

Specially trained patient navigators can help you find your way.

Where can I find breast forms, a wig, and other supplies?

See listings of product suppliers for your area.

How will I cope? How can I manage the worries and fears?

Other survivors have been where you are. Read their thoughts.

What about herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, and massage?

Learn about complementary and alternative therapies.

What can help the swelling in my arm?

See the lymphedema resources.

What are some books and websites?

See suggestions for books and online resources.

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